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Everything About Porcelain Tiles

What Is Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tiles are a type of glass-ceramic that is used to cover floors, countertops and walls. They come in many different colors, shapes, sizes and textures so they can be matched to any décor. Porcelain tiles are generally considered more resistant than other types of ceramic or stone materials to scratching from heavy furniture, wear from foot traffic, heat exposure and water damage due to their hardness level. The word "porcelain" has been derived from the old Italian word "porcellana," which means earthenware or pottery made out of clay. It was originally introduced by the Europeans during the 17th century as an alternative for expensive Chinese products such as porcelain ware.

How Porcelain Tiles Are Made?

Porcelain tiles are made by exposing a clay-like substance to very high heat. This process is called vitrification and it hardens the material, creating porcelain products that are both durable and beautiful. The final steps of this process include polishing and glazing so that your ceramic tile will be shiny with an extremely smooth surface.

The process of vitrification can take up to 24 hours, and it is typically a very expensive manufacturing procedure--but the results are worth the cost! The finished product will be beautifully shiny with an extremely smooth surface that is also durable for years to come.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Porcelain Tiles


  • Porcelain tiles are long-lasting, and they resist most stains.
  • They also have a high degree of heat resistance which means that you can install porcelain tiles in your bathroom or kitchen without worrying about them cracking from extreme temperatures.
  • Porcelain tile is nonporous so it resists moisture and does not stain easily.
  • Porcelain tile is also non-skid or non-slip or anti-slip, making it a perfect choice for your bathroom or kitchen floors.
  • The material resists scratches which means that you don't have to worry about replacing large sections of tiles as soon as they get scratched up.
  • Another advantage of porcelain is the fact that it is virtually waterproof and will not warp in the event of flooding.


  • Porcelain tile is very heavy, especially when compared to other types of tiles such as ceramic or stone. It can be difficult for some people to handle them without a helping hand from another person; you may also need professional installation if you are not installing them on a flat surface.
  • Porcelain tiles can be expensive due to the cost of production and shipping, which means that it may not always be an affordable option for everyone.
  • Although porcelain tile can be cleaned easily, it is not impervious to damage so you will need to take care of your tiles in order for them to last a long time and resist stains or scratches.
  • Porcelain tiles are also very difficult to install; this may require professional installation if the surface cannot withstand heavy weight without warping.

Different Types Of Porcelain Tiles

There are many different types of porcelain tiles from which you can choose. There is a variety for every type of budget and style, so the only thing that’s stopping you from having your dream flooring design is deci

Thin Porcelain Tiles:

The tiles are typically thin, and they're not too expensive. They can be used in a lot of different applications including commercial settings such as restaurants and shopping malls

Polished Porcelain Vitrified Tiles:

This type of porcelain tile is textured and won't wear down. They're available in a variety of colors, and they also resist staining.

Glazed Porcelain Tiles:

These tiles are often heavy but bear up well to kitchen use. The edges aren't always as smooth as vitrified polished porcelain tiles

Honed Porcelain Tiles:

These tiles are more expensive than the other three types of porcelain, and they're not as durable. But if you want to have a rustic feel in your kitchen or bathroom, this is the type of tile for you.

Where You Can Use Porcelain Tiles?


If you are looking for an attractive wall finish then porcelain wall tile might be just what you're after. They offer a smooth, white finish and there are many different patterns, styles and colors to choose from. The porcelain wall tiles come in a variety of sizes so you can use them where they'll give the best effect for your room.

If you are thinking of using a porcelain tile on your walls, here are some things to consider before starting the job:

  • The size and shape of tiles that will be best suited for your project. You need to think about how many tiles you want in total, as well as what size they should be.
  • The color of the tile and how it will suit your home's decorating style. Porcelain wall tiles are available in a range of colors that should work well with any space, including grays, blues and yellows to name a few.
  • Number of joints: Decide whether you want one large or two smaller joints. This will depend on the size of your tiles and where they are going to be placed in your home, for example near a window or door frame.
  • Grout: The color of grout you choose should compliment the colors and patterns that are already present in your home's decorating scheme.
  • Cleaning: Your porcelain tiles will need to be cleaned periodically with a damp cloth.


Porcelain tiles are a great option for flooring your home. It is a durable, low-maintenance flooring option that will last for years. Porcelain floor tiles can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms because they are water resistant.

Porcelain tile also creates an elegant look with its glossy finish. You have many colors to choose from so you have the opportunity to create any design or style you are looking for.


Porcelain tiles for the kitchen are the latest trend in home decor. They can be used for walls, floors and even countertops in your kitchen. This material is most popular because it offers a variety of different benefits that are hard to find with other materials like carpet tiles or vinyl tile flooring.

Porcelain kitchen tiles offer the most natural feel. They are porous, which means they will be more breathable and less likely to hold spills or stains.

Porcelain tiles for the kitchen offer low maintenance because you don't need any special chemicals or expensive cleaning solutions to get them ready for use.

Porcelain kitchen wall and floor tiles are extremely durable and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life in your kitchen, including strong chemicals or hot pots being placed on top of them. The material is also stain resistant so you don't need to worry about spills making a mess.


If you are looking for a material that has been used in bathrooms for centuries then porcelain should be your first stop. They offer the perfect combination of beauty, comfort and practicality. You can find porcelain bathroom tiles in a wide range of finishes and sizes to ensure that you have all the features you need for your bathroom flooring.


Porcelain tiles for kitchen countertops is one of the most popular material used in recent days. It is a mineral material that will give you the best look for your kitchen countertops. It comes with some great benefits and it can be used in many situations, not only for countertops but also other surfaces such as floors or walls.


Porcelain tiles are a great choice to use in hallways and corridors. They can provide an elegant look for hallways, while also providing excellent durability at the same time. porcelain hallway tile is slip resistant, which helps prevent accidents.


Porcelain tiles are perfect for outdoors and exterior floors. They are hard-wearing, easy to clean and won't deteriorate.Outdoor porcelain tile is an excellent choice when it comes to durability as they offer outstanding performance against wear and tear from outdoor elements such as sun rays, rain, frost, snow and salt.

Living Room

When you’re looking for living room tiles to make your living room more beautiful, porcelain is a fantastic option. It has many of the benefits that other types of tiles have and it comes in a variety of styles so there will be something perfect for any home! There are lots of great reasons why it makes sense to use porcelain tiles for your living room tiles.


Porcelain tiles for stairs have a lot of benefits that make them preferable to other types of flooring. porcelain stairs tiles provide the perfect opportunity to add value and style to your home's interior design.

Different Colors Of Porcelain Tiles

There are many different colored porcelain tiles available in market and some best of them are below:


White porcelain tiles are one of the most popular types in current trend and it is a perfect choice for bathroom floors, kitchen backsplash or countertops. Best thing about white tile is that they will always be light colored no matter what time of year we are talking about because of its natural reflective power on this beautiful material.


If you want to buy porcelain tiles in black color, then it is a good idea because they are perfect for different types of decoration. For example, with black porcelain tiles you can make your living room look elegant and classy because of its high durability and resistance to acid.


Green porcelain tiles are great for making your flooring look natural and earthy. They can make a room feel green, fresh, and cool with their light color palette that’s perfect for any design project. The hue of the green tile is made from iron oxide so it will never fade or chip off like some other colors might.


Blue porcelain tiles are perfect if you want something that will work well with any type of decoration, but would be best in living room or bathroom. Blue tile is good for calming down people and it can make your room look better.

Different Finishes Of Porcelain Tiles

We have a wide range of finishes in which our porcelain tiles are available and below you can explore them.


Carving tiles are made from natural unpolished stone. The texture of the carvings is rough and the color is dark in general. Carving porcelain tiles have many advantages including low-maintenance, easy to clean, durable, natural and eco-friendly as they don't contain any chemicals like other types of tile.

The drawbacks of carving porcelain tiles are that they're not suitable for wall-to-wall installation because the uneven surface is difficult to cut and inlay, and can be slippery when wet. They also take on a dark color so it's hard to keep them clean unless you use a lot of water or chemicals. Carving tiles are also rare and expensive.


Matte Porcelain Tiles are known as a type of ceramic floor tile that offers an attractive and elegant matte finish. The surfaces are non-glossy, which means that they will not reflect light from the sun's rays into your eyes while you stand or walk on them during the day time. This is because these tiles have a surface that has a little less than half of the sheen level as glossy tiles.

This tiles are often used in places such as hotels, restaurants, and other locations where people gather at for social events or dining purposes. They can also be found in offices, theaters, spas, concert halls and many more.

Matte tile are more affordable than other types, such as the high gloss tiles. They also offer a very sleek and clean finish which makes them look great in most environments.


Rustic porcelain tiles are perfect for decorating any space in your house with their natural charm! With our wide range of colors and effects, you can create the look that will complement your home decoration. Rustic Tiles are perfect for that rustic country home feel! In addition to its beautiful aesthetics, there are many other benefits to the rustic porcelain tiles.

Rustic porcelain tiles can be used on walls with an attractive mosaic effect. They are Extremely low water absorption, which makes them ideal for outdoor spaces and bathroom floors.


Glossy porcelain tiles are also called polished porcelain tiles. It is a finish that has high gloss and texture on the surface of the tiling material which gives it its reflective quality. These glossy tiles come in four different colors, namely white, beige, brown or black glossy porcelain tiles.


Bookmatch Porcelain Tiles are a variation of the Standard Variation. The tiles in this style have identical dimensions, but bookmatch tiles come from two different sheets that were cut on either side of an axis perpendicular to their length. This distinction also changes where the grout lines will be laid when installing book match porcelain tiles and is done by design.


Satin porcelain tiles are one of the most popular types. Satin tiles have a glossy or shiny surface giving them a luxurious look. The colors on satin finish tiles are bright and vibrant with many patterns to choose from including: geometric, traditional, contemporary, etcetera. Satin finished porcelain is also referred to as "polished porcelain".


Metallic porcelain tiles are unique, with a lovely metallic sheen that can give your bathroom or kitchen an instant makeover. The luster of the metal is so perfect you'll think they were polished by hand-a seamless effect that makes metallic tile look luxurious and expensive but at affordable prices!


Mosaic Porcelain tile is made from natural raw material. The design of mosaics can be created with various sizes, shapes and colors to create a custom look for your bathroom or other interior project. Mosaic finish porcelain tiles have been designed in the following way:

  • The back surface of the tiles is a light-colored, matte surface that provides for an easy installation.
  • The front of the tiles are made with high quality porcelain and have been designed to include various sizes, shapes and colors will allow you to create custom look for your bathroom or other interior project.
  • The tiles are arranged in a mosaic pattern, which allows for various design possibilities.

The Porcelain Mosaic tiles have been designed with the latest technologies and will include two pre drilled holes to allow for installation of fixtures or hooks. One hole is located on each long side of the tile. These tiles come in a variety of colors and sizes.

The mosaic pattern porcelain tiles are available in the following standard color: White, Beige, Brown, Black and Gray.

We also have special order colors such as Silver, Gold or Copper which would be considered custom orders requiring an additional charge for the extra time required to process the order.

Different Looks In Which Porcelain Tiles Available:

Wood Look:

Wood look porcelain tiles are made from a composite of materials that simulate the natural beauty, texture and dimensionality of wood. Wood effect flooring options offer authentic patterns with rich color variations to make your space feel warm and inviting.

There is something for everyone because it comes in many different styles: Plank, Rustic, Vintage and more. Porcelain tile look like wood are perfect to give any space a rustic feel.

Wooden floors offer the best of both worlds: beauty with durability for those who love natural textures in their home or office spaces.

Marble Look:

Marble look porcelain tiles are the ones that provide a fake marble effect on floors and walls. Marble look tiles usually have an appearance similar to natural stone, but they are made from high density plastic with pigments poured into them in order for it to resemble the texture of marble. The colors available range from beige to white, and some manufacturers allow for customization.

  • With the marble effect porcelain tiles, you will be able to get a luxurious looking floor or wall without worrying about spending thousands on expensive stone work.
  • The price is also cheaper than natural stones so if you are on a budget, this is the option for you.
  • Porcelain tiles look like marble create a feeling of warmth that would be missing with other flooring options; they help to make any space feel cozy and welcoming.

Onyx Look:

Onyx porcelain tiles offer a smooth texture with easy maintenance properties that make them an excellent choice for those who want to remodel their kitchen or bathroom without breaking the bank. The fascinating texture of onyx look tile gives an onyx black finish without any grout lines and is therefore a great substitute for marble, granite or other natural stone surfaces that can be expensive. Onyx Tile also has incredible anti-slip properties that make it perfect for any wet areas in your home.

Concrete Look:

Concrete look porcelain tiles are also known as "porcelain tiles with tile edge" which is the perfect choice for those who want to give their floors that authentic, natural concrete look. These concrete porcelain tiles will not require grout and they ensure a seamless appearance when laid on top of one another. Concrete look tiles come in a wide range of sizes and colors, which you can choose from depending on your preference.

Different Sizes In Which Porcelain Tiles Available:

We have wide range of sizes i which our porcelain tiles are available and below you can explore them:

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