Why import from India?


5 Reasons why you should start importing from India

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Why import from India?

1. Buyers from 190+ countries are importing from India (then why should you wait?)

2. Production expertise (India is among the Top 5 manufacturing hub of the world)

Additional benefits of importing material from India ...

1. Value for your money

2. ONE STOP Solution for all your requirements

3. Open for Customisation

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What are the minimum order quantity requirements to place a trial order? +

There are no MOQ requirements for the trial orders placed with TIEIC Group. For example, you can start with one container of porcelain tile with as many designs, sizes or surface variations of the tiles in that one container.

Can I get free samples to evaluate the products? +

TIEIC Group provides you with unlimited free samples to check and test our products with you, your team, and your technical consultant.

For custom developments, we always courier the samples before finalizing the order with you.

What are the Quality Standards of the products produced in India? +

TIEIC Group source the technology and raw material from the most advanced companies around the world. We have different quality certifications such as ISO, CE, FSC, and ROHS among others, and as per the products.

How can I get an assurance that the material would be up to the quality standards of my market? +

All of the materials produced at TIEIC Group goes through dual QC (Quality Check) Inspection and we share and keep the records of all the orders shipped from our factories. We can also share the QC reports along with pictures or videos before dispatch of the material. In case you require additional third party QC inspection, then that is also welcomed at our warehouse facility before dispatch of the order.

Also, TIEIC Group have client base in more than 75 countries around the world and we would be glad to share that information with you to get a feedback of our product quality and our services.

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