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Everything you need to know about Factories : 15 year of TIEIC

TIEIC is an abbreviation for The Indian Export Import Company. TIEIC is founded by the third generation entrepreneurs from the group that has roots back in 1987. Our grandfathers have been pioneers to the production industry in the Morbi area of India. They developed breakthrough techniques in production of Indian Roof Tile production.

Later the second generation entrepreneurs were crucial to the developments in the Indian Ceramic scene by incorporating latest and state of the art technology imported from reputed companies around the world. They also ventured into production of other products such as gypsum board, PP/HDPE rope, Kraft paper and wall clocks among others.

TIEIC was started by the third generation of entrepreneurs with focus on delivering our products to the customers based around the world. With our hard work and proper understanding of the requirements of our global clients, we have developed the company as one of the major global providers from India since last decade.

TIEIC Mission is to create the most convenient company for importing the products from India with the highest level of services & quality.

We have multiple product ranges which we manufacture at our factories in India. We will discuss a few of them in this article.

     1. Porcelain Tile Factory, Makansar, India

Porcelain tile factory was started in 2006 with the advent of porcelain tile trend in India. Until this time, all the popular tiles manufactured in India were either cement or ceramic. With the Soluble Salt Manufacturing technology, our first plant of porcelain tile was a massive success especially due to high demand in the domestic Indian market.

Our second plant for the porcelain tile was of technical porcelain where we produce the double loading porcelain tile and full body porcelain tile. The third production was later introduced in 2012 with the advanced digital printing machine. That production line produces the glazed porcelain tile which is currently our most selling product in the domestic as well as international market. Currently we produce more than 10 sizes in glazed porcelain with multiple surface finishes.


      2. Ceramic Tile Factory, Old Lakhdhirpur, India

Ceramic tile was the first tile factory we started back in 1992. At that time the sizes were much smaller in comparison to current popular sizes and the designs were printed with screen printing technology. 

Later we upgraded that production line to bigger formats such as 30x60cm and 30x90cm which are quite popular in ceramic tile applications. However, in 2019 we started back with a new and dedicated production line for the subway tile. So the size circle in ceramic tile came full circle, started with smaller formats then upgraded to larger formats and now integrated the smaller formats back in our collection.


       3. Porcelain Slab Factory, Morbi, India

System Machinery from Italy introduces the press with belt technology which revolutionises tile production. It made the production of porcelain slab possible on a larger scale. In 2016, we finalised the deal for the machinery of porcelain slab and the production started in 2017. 

Our porcelain slab production plant is one of the most advanced tile production factories in India. We complete machinery from Italy and special applications machinery for the varieties in the surface applications to produce the exclusive range of porcelain slab.


       4. Sanitary Ware Factory, Morbi, India

Sanitary ware has been produced since the last three decades in the region near morbi. With the increase in demand of the sanitary ware in the domestic market and with the government’s campaign to make India 100% sanitary equipped, our products in India have been in constant demand. We have more than 3000 dealers and wholesalers with our collection.

Recently we have commissioned a new and advanced production plant for sanitary ware with the vision of serving our products around the world. We have designed the collection keeping the international market in mind.


       5. Kraft Paper Factory, Jambudiya, India

TIEIC has started the kraft paper manufacturing plant in 2019 with the latest machinery. It is the biggest production plant in Morbi region of India. We are constantly working on developing new products in the paper industry and currently we produce kraft test liner, fluting medium, mg kraft, absorbent kraft and white test liner. 

We have a dedicated production plant to produce paper bags with complete automatic machinery. However for custom bags we also have a separate division with a semi automatic production line. Other than that we also manufacture the boxes as per requirements of our clients in India and abroad.


       6. Gypsum Board Factory, Lutavadar, India

Gypsum board has been a relatively new product in the Indian market but with the ease of use and other advantages, the market for gypsum board in India is growing. We were among the first few factories who started manufacturing gypsum boards in India. 

Currently we are manufacturing the normal gypsum board along with the fire and water resistance versions. We also have gypsum powder manufacturing plants along with the board manufacturing. 


       7. PP & HDPE Rope Factory, Tankara, India

PP & HDPE rope factory was acquired as a small scale production unit but due to the success and acceptance of the product in the international market we upgraded the plant with the latest technology and bigger production capacity to serve our clients. 

Except for this TIEIC also manufactures the wood wall clock & Hydraulic Press “Punch & Master '' for tile production. We are also thrilled to start the production of SPC flooring which we think would be a huge market in both domestic as well as international due to the ease of use of the product. 


Hope you find this article useful to know a little or more about the TIEIC manufacturing units in India. You can visit our products over at our website or send us an email for any further information.



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