What is a Water Closet? All You Need To Know




Today’s topic is quite interesting and also important. On our website, we get this frequently asked question about What is a water closet? Is it the same as a toilet? Or is it the bathroom? Or a urinal? Stay tuned till the end of this article and you will learn quite a few interesting facts.

The water closet is a word coined in the 16th century and it was meant for a private room with a flushing toilet facility. Now, originally the toilets were quite different and it has evolved over a period of time and developments in our society. 

But to keep it short, humans developed hardware to collect urine and feces and they named that hardware as ‘toilet’. Currently, the two most common types of toilets are 1. Flushing Toilet,  2. Vacuum Toilet. Vacuum toilets are the ones you see in the airplanes which use either very little water or no water and they use a vacuum technology. The rest of the toilets which use water to clean urine and feces are called Flushing toilets. Flushing toilets are the ones you see almost everywhere, in your home, your office, your mall, schools, almost everywhere. This flushing toilet is what is referred to as a water closet or WC by plumbers and sanitary hardware manufacturers and dealers around the world. 


Wow, that was quite a monologue on the toilets! So, is the water closet the same as the bathroom also? Precisely the toilet and bathroom are two different things but normally the bathroom has a toilet or a water closet inside it in the modern days. The other hardware which also is a part of sanitary ware are urinals and bidets but they are not water closets since they have separate applications. 

Water closet uses different technology to flush the water such as a cistern or a flushometer to control the flow of water from the main storage or water line.


Since you got an idea of what exactly is the water closet, now let's dive a little deeper into the types of different Water closets or WC. The main five types of WC are :


  1. One Pc WC
  2. Two Pcs WC
  3. Wall Mounted or Wall Hung WC
  4. Floor Mounted WC
  5. Squat Pan

One pc WC has an integrated cistern and it is built within the same piece of hardware. 2 pcs WC has a separate cistern that sits on the back part of the WC. Wall Mounted WC and Floor Mounted WC have cistern concealed inside the wall on the back of the WC placement or it has a direct water supply from the water storage tank of the building. The same goes with the Squat Pans, however, squat pans are different in construction given that there are no seats and instead the person has to sit in the squat position. Squat positions are popular mostly in the Asian and African continents. 

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