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Nowadays we might see a lot of brands going for sustainable products and packaging. Everyone wants to shift to sustainable things they can provide. Be it Starbucks, Nike, Zara, Dell, Amazon, Google, or Walmart. Everyone is trying some or the other way to reduce carbon emission from the environment which also leads to Packaging services where paper is used. 


When we talk about paper, how can we forget Bank of America? Bank of America went green by promoting sustainability and within the period of 5 years, the bank was able to cut its paper requirement by 32%. In Fact, the bank also started an internal recycling program and has achieved success by recycling 30,000 tons of paper annually.

So the First step of the recycling paper process is :

  1. Sorting waste 
  2. Binding (water+ chemicals)
  3. Pulp paper( slurry is passed to the feeder which set  the material as per the grammage )
  4. Drying ( slurry paper is passed through a dryer where the slurry is dried out and paper is made it is the place where Gsm and Bf play the role.
  5. Paper( the final product paper is reeled, cut, and packed with plastic as per the requirement 


There are so many PAPER that can be grouped into 3 main categories 

  1. Corrugated or Kraft
  2.  Paper Board.
  3.  Mixed Paper


  1. Corrugated / Kraft 

Corrugated or Kraft paper or test liner are all kinds of paper used for the packaging industry.

Recycled Kraft Liner or test liner is the recycled paper used for making the top and the bottom layer of the box making it the face of the box whereas the fluting medium is the paper you can see here that looks like a wave. It helps give the box strength. Such as three-ply and 5 ply layers of boxes in some cases, there are 7 ply boxes as well.

The Recycled Kraft paper has grammages of paper from gsm and burst factor 12 to 35

It can be also used for paper bags as well. 

  1. Paper board

Here we will talk about one of the premium paper boards that is Duplex board

Duplex board is recycled board with white on the top and Grey or white on the back, Now when I say white back how do I differ white back from the front side that the front side has a coating and a shiny glaze on it, and the surface is quite smoother than the other side. Duplex board is mainly used for premium or food-grade packaging mostly and another use is printing it gives great Quality Printing on the board

There are 2 types of Duplex board- uncoated, coated

  1. An uncoated duplex board is a board where there is no coating on it. And it is cheaper in price
  2. Coated has 2 qualities in it High weight Coated and Low weight Coated HWC has 20-22 grams of coating is there and Lwc has 16-18 grams of coating. We have a premium category of Hwc in the white back which is used mostly in premium packaging. Paper bags and boxes made from duplex board give a chic look to your product packaging 


Now even there is a lot of demand for Rustic packaging where recycled kraft paper comes into the picture. It also gives Creative, economical yet flattering packaging to your product. So now you know what kind of packaging to use to pack your product.



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