6 Types of Glazed Porcelain Tile to Make Your Space Look Stylish and Sophisticated



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6 types of Glazed Porcelain Tile that you can use to make your space look classy

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Today’s article is all about making your space look stylish and sophisticated. We are going to share 6 types of glazed porcelain tile designs and surfaces that will make your space look high-end. 

(All the products in this list are porcelain tiles and they are not ceramic tiles i.e. the water absorption of these tiles would be less than 0.5%. In case you want to learn what makes porcelain tile different from ceramic tile then check out our video we made on different types of tiles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KT7YsfjINg)


  1. Marble Look Polished Glazed Porcelain Tile

To start off, we should start with the most popular design style available in the market right now i.e. the marble look tile in a polished finish. Now, it can be a very common design trend but it has been the most consistent as well. So it is included on this list. Marble look polished glazed porcelain tile can be in the white marble look which mimics the designs of very rare and expensive marbles such as Starvation, Calcutta, and Carrara marbles. It could also be the grey marble look such as pietra marble or pulp is marble or in a black marble design such as Sahara nero marble or Nero Marquina marble. 

The trick is to combine this classic design style with different combinations of sizes, shapes, and grout linings. For example, a Statuario gold design with a taupe or golden shade of grout lines could be very classy. You can even create a statement piece on the living room floor by making water jet inserts and by combining contrasting marble designs such as a statuary design with a black marble insert. 

The mosaics of the same marble can also create an exclusive look for your space. There are plenty of options available in the market for mosaic shapes and sizes and most of the classic marble designs go really well with those patterns. 


  1. Cement Look Rustic Glazed Porcelain Tile

Cement-look porcelain tile has been in the collection of every tile manufacturer or distributor or retailer but finding the right color and right texture can be very important to give that authentic concrete look to your space. 

Cement look rustic glazed porcelain tiles are available in wide shades of grey and taupes and you have to be very particular in merging your color scheme because the grey can be a bluish grey and it will give a cool effect to the space and if you choose a brownish grey than it would be giving a warm look to the entire space in the natural as well as the artificial lighting. 


  1. Terrazzo looks like matt glazed porcelain tile

Terrazzo tiles were quite popular in the 20th century but they had limited color schemes at that time. The vintage or industrial trend has been here since last decade and you can give a very high-class look to your space by using the terrazzo tiles. Now at this time terrazzo tiles are very expensive and they also have a very limited portfolio but with the use of digital printing, the same terrazzo look can be achieved with endless color possibilities. 

Our favorite is the classic terrazzo look matt glazed porcelain tile with the shades of a white base with a pop of colors in the flakes. Another favorite of ours is the concrete-based terrazzo tiles with flakes of different shades. 


  1. Floral look carved glazed porcelain tile

Carving technology has been here quite a few times but it is not getting as popular as the manufacturers or dealers expect it to be. Most of the designs in the carved glazed porcelain tile are in marble designs with the vein structure being carved out with the help of digital printing technology. However, these designs are not deemed all-natural by many of the tile sellers and users. 

However, keeping the trend of biophilia in mind, the manufacturer has developed new patterns with floral patterns along with the carved lines etching the edges and details of flowers and plantations in the tile. That along with the amazing color palettes possible due to the latest digital printing technology has been making some amazing tile results. 


  1. Black Marble High Glossy glazed porcelain tile

Black is the color associated with power, elegance, and wealth. So what better to up your design game than with the help of high glossy glazed porcelain tile in black marble high glossy designs such as Nero Marquina, Sahara noir, or Saint Laurent marble? The gloss of these is much better than normal marble polish and it can create an immediate wow factor if used wisely in the design elements.


  1. Pastel Color Full Body technical porcelain tile 

Pastel color has been in a rage for quite some time but achieving the solid colors in the glazed porcelain tile has always been a challenge for the tile manufacturer. So when the full-body porcelain tile companies launched their pastel color collection, it got quite some eye. You can use these colored tiles to achieve a very chic look that is full. Imagine using a blush pink full-body tile in a combination of matt and polish in a powder room or a lavender tile for a lady's room.

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